How to make yoga headbands


What fabric do you use to make headbands?

Materials Needed:

  1. 2 Pieces of fabric: 1 Piece 16″ X 6″, another 4″ X 2.5″ (Any knit fabric works, but I like the polyester/spandex material pictured below best. All you need to purchase is 6″ and you can make up to 3 headbands!)
  2. 1 Piece of 3/4″ Braided Elastic cut 4″ long.
  3. Matching Thread.
  4. Pins.
  5. Scissors or Cutting Board.

How do you wear a yoga headband?

Did you know you can wear a yoga headband even when your hair is down? First, put it around your neck, just like you would a necklace. Then pull it up and over your bangs, tuck the headband behind your ears, and pull any extra hair out of the headband.

Which material stretches the most?

Real stretchy fabrics.

  1. Knits. Most of the knit fabrics have some stretch. Usually, it is a 2 way stretch. …
  2. 2 Spandex. This synthetic fabric has revolutionized the textile industry with its ability to stretch to almost 300-400 percentage on its own. The stretchiness of spandex depends on its elastane content.

How do you make a stretchy baby headband?

Stretchy Knit Headband

Using the rotary cutter, cut a 5” wide strip of fabric that is ½” longer than the circumference of your baby’s head. Fold the long edges together into the middle, using your hot glue gun to attach them, leaving you with a long tube. Stuff one end into the other and glue them together.

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